Sport Injury Prevention Workshop 2024 (free for everyone)

Studies indicate that warm-up programs focusing on neuromuscular training can lower the likelihood of sports-related injuries in young athletes by 30-70%, outperforming traditional warm-ups that combine aerobic exercises, as well as static and dynamic stretches.

Engagement in sports and physical activities offers countless health advantages, both for physical and mental well-being. Avoiding injuries means less downtime and more chances for active participation, which in turn promotes a healthier lifestyle

In this 2-hour active workshop learn neuromuscular training exercises, including cueing athletes & identifying common errors.

  • Have the opportunity to practice performing the exercises.
  • Discuss strategies for implementation with your athletes. Receive resources to support program delivery with our athletes.

Materials are created by SHRED INJURIES University of Calgary and presented by PacificSport Columbia Basin.

Neuromuscular Training:  The New Standard of Practice for Warm-Ups

Warm-up programs centered on neuromuscular training may vary slightly depending on the sport or activity, yet they all incorporate four fundamental types of exercises: aerobic, balance, strength, and agility.

These exercises require minimal to no equipment, utilizing one’s own body weight, a partner, or resistance bands for resistance.

The key emphasis of these warm-up routines is on executing exercises with correct movement techniques. Regular and accurate performance of these exercises in a controlled setting, like a warm-up session, helps establish safe movement patterns during sports and activities, thereby lowering the injury risk.

PSCB Sport Injury Prevention Workshop

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