The Concussion Recognition Tool (download) will help you understand more about how to recognize and manage concussion.  Resources by

The Canadian Guideline on Concussion (download) provides procedures for educating athletes before the season and managing suspected concussions during sports activities.

Parachute’s Protocol provides essential guidance on concussion care, targeting athletes, coaches, and healthcare pros, emphasizing prevention, management, and safety.

Understanding Concussion: A Guide for Prevention, Recognition, and Recovery

PacificSport Columbia Basin’s website provides resources on concussion and injury prevention, highlighting the importance of awareness and management of concussions. Explore the variety of guides tailored for different groups such as parents, teachers, coaches, and athletes to gain a deeper understanding of how to recognize and manage concussions effectively.

Additionally, the site refers to Parachute Canada, the Canadian Guideline on Concussion and the University of Calgary’s Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre with an online course on concussion, aiming to educate and inform on best practices for injury prevention in sports.