PacificSport Columbia Basin is here to help support the needs of the 250+ Local Sport Organizations in the region. Through experience and sector deep sector knowledge, we can (likely) guide you the right resources you need to help resolve your issue.

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The Science of Successful Local Sport Organizations

The Science of successful LSO’s shows us that the more of these areas you are strong in, the higher likelihood of a successful and sustainable organization.


Image adapted from: Doherty & Cuskelly (2020) Organizational Capacity and performance of community sport clubs. Journal of Sport Management 34, 240-259 


New Support Structures Coming Soon for Local Sport Organizations

PacificSport Columbia Basin, in collaboration with the Regional Sport Alliance of BC was recently awarded a Rally Together grant to reimagine a modernized approach to Local Sport Organization supports in the region and across the province. This work will take place over the next 18 months and PacificSport Columbia Basin will be a lead organization on the project. 

This grant is made possible by the Government of BC  Ministry of Tourism, Arts, Culture and Sport  and viaSport BC.

Economic Impact Analysis

Understanding the economic development opportunities through sport.

Upcoming grants for Athletes, Coaches and LSO’s