Safe Sport

Quality sport experiences are SAFE, INCLUSIVE, MEANINGFUL, and DEVELOPMENTALLY APPROPRIATE at every stage of the participant development pathway resulting in a positive experience for all.


Quality sport is at the heart of everything we do.

  • Programs should be technically sound that follow long term athlete development principles
  • Safe and well run with trained and effective coaches
  • Welcoming and inclusive for all participants



Quality Sport results in

  • Higher retention of participants
  • More motivated participants
  • Better performers and movers
  • Greater organizational efficiency

PacificSport Columbia Basin:

  • Supports and empowers local sport organizations to tackle the significant and necessary “change” work to ensure all participants have quality sport experiences
    • Best practices, tools and resources
    • Policy and governance supports
    • Template resources
    • Communities of Practice
  • Inter and Intra Sport alignment and cohesion across the region, province, and national sport sectors

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