The National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) educates and certifies Canadian Coaches in the art, science and skills of sport coaching. Each sport has a unique coach education pathway. Some coach education pathways require only sport-specific NCCP courses, although most also include NCCP courses that are relevant for all sports (multi-sport modules). Check your sport education pathway to determine which courses are required for NCCP certification in your sport. If you have an NCCP number, learn about your sport’s coach education pathway on The Locker.  If you require assistance please contact your Provincial Sport Organization, or James Brotherhood, Executive Director, PacificSport Columbia Basin.

PacificSport offers several multi-sport NCCP courses. Remember, even if they are not required in the coach education pathway for your sport, they can towards NCCP Maintenance of Certification.

Competition-Introduction Modules:
•    Make Ethical Decisions (MED)
•    Basic Mental Skills
•    Design a Basic Sports Program
•    Nutrition
•    Planning a Practice
•    Teaching and Learning

Competition-Development Modules:
•    Coaching and Leading Effectively
•    Developing Athletic Abilities
•    Leading Drug-Free Sport
•    Managing Conflict
•    Prevention and Recovery
•    Psychology of Performance

Additional courses:
•    Resistance Training
•    Fundamental Movement Skills

Courses coming soon:
•    Advanced Practice Planning
•    Performance Planning

Many of these courses are offered annually in September during Coaches Week, sponsored by viaSport. Please see the Events Calendar for upcoming courses. To request a course, please contact our Executive Director, James Brotherhood, or complete this online NCCP request form here.

•    Fundamental Movement Skills

NCCP Locker: Pathways

The Locker

Unsure of what courses you need in your sport specific pathway? Use this link to select your sport and look at the different courses that are required to complete your Comp-Intro and Comp-Dev pathways. Please keep in mind that each National Sport Organization (NSO) requires different courses depending on the sport. Some pathways are integrated (i.e. Rowing Planning a Practice), where the coach takes specific courses offered through that NSO to meet the requirements of that sport level. Other sports are de-integrated, where their sport pathway includes multi-sport modules (i.e. Basic Mental Skills) for coaches to take to meet the requirements of that sport level.